Mythes, II. Narcisse, by Karol Szymanowski.

With Amalia Rinehart, piano.

Performed at Staller Center, Stony Brook University.

Tchaikovsky Piano Trio in A minor, I. Pezzo elegiaco.

With Peng Guan, cello, and Infung Lee, piano.

Performed at Staller Center, Stony Brook University.


Andrew Mok is an emerging violinist who is committed to showcasing a wide array of classical and contemporary music to audiences. He is an avid performer with numerous recitals of solo repertoire, a chamber musician of various configurations, and an active participant in classical and pit orchestras. In addition, he is deeply engaged with bringing music from his Chinese heritage and Asian-American identity to the forefront and enrich his musical work. Currently based in the Long Island and New York City area, he is excited to share his musicmaking talents and provide engaging experiences for diverse communities.

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